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21 Steampunk Decor Ideas: Adding a Touch of Industrial Elegance to Your Home

With rich dark colors, plenty of metal, and an overall flair for the dramatic, steampunk decor has a unique design style that’s unlike anything else. This one-of-a-kind style incorporates Victorian-era elegance with touches of industrialism and futurism. The result is a quirky, whimsical aesthetic that really stands out from the crowd.

Steampunk style is a very unique aesthetic that includes a lot of dark wood, brass, leather, and specific symbols such as gears and steam trains.

A hallmark of the steampunk style is combing history with the future. Victorian-era elements are mixed with futuristic and industrial components creating a unique style that is completely its own.

Add Steampunk Elements

Adding a few elements is a great way to express the steampunk style in a subtle way. Light fixtures, wall art, and knick-knacks are simple ways to incorporate the style without letting it take over the room.

You could decorate a mantel, add fun pieces to a bookshelf, or create a gallery wall of steampunk-inspired art and photographs.

Unique pieces and subtle touches like these create interest and add style. This may be enough for you! If you’d like to feature steampunk more prominently in your home, check out the next section.

Create a Steampunk Themed Room or Area

To make a more dramatic statement, why not create an entire steampunk–themed room or area? A basement or bathroom are two areas where it’s easy to play with design. These spaces don’t have to match the rest of the house to look great.

To take it even further, you could turn your living room, bedroom, or kitchen into a steampunk-themed space.


Blend Steampunk Style with Your Existing Decor

You don’t have to create a whole new design scheme to incorporate the steampunk style into your home. It’s possible to find steampunk decor that blends well with what you already have.

For example, if you already have some dark furniture, build on that by adding steampunk decor with a similar color scheme. If your room has primarily light furniture, choose accents with similar colors to create a cohesive look.


That Sweet Tea Life   Ryan   March 7, 2023